Foot Counter Research

TLC outsourced an independent traffic count at Clearwater Mall to Tacktech (pty) Ltd. The count took place from 1 August to 31 August 2012 and the aim of the count was to determine the number of people that make use of the bathrooms. More venues will be rolled out.

In Summary:

  • Clearwater foot traffic was 885 738 people for August 2012.
  • We had 224 999 people enter into our washroom over this period.
  • This equates to 25.4% washroom entry. Ie. Every 4th person entering into a mall goes to the washroom.


  • Cost to advertise in Clear Water mall: R5 100 a month.
  • This equates to representation in every washroom across the entire mall, dual gender.
  • CPT on unique consumer is therefore R68 and on total foot traffic is R22.67.
  • Bearing in mind we have 90 odd shopping malls, it means that we have a massive reach of consumers across all LSM sectors.
  • Most importantly is our platform guarantees 100% of consumers will read your advert due to the nature of where frames are placed.