To target young adults who experience skin acne from time to time, Primedia Unlimited’s TLC is dominating mall and cinema washrooms with its Oxy ‘Skin Sorted – Happiness Guaranteed’ campaign for a period of two months.

“Oxy is one of Mentholatum’s most successful and relatable brands among the young adult market aged 16-25,” says Brendon Crowther, TLC’s Coastal Sales Manager. “The idea behind the campaign is to drive awareness of the brand in an environment where both guys and girls can be communicated to privately and individually, and in a fun, creative way.”

The brand has created gender specific artwork for TLC’s standard A4 frames in mall and cinema washrooms around the country with larger than life mirror decals applied in male washrooms.

“The added benefit of advertising within these retail environments is that once the advertiser’s message has been absorbed, consumers are immediately able to purchase the product from several retailers within that mall,” says Brendon.

“The A4 frame platform allows dwell time in that consumers can spend time absorbing the message, before being directed to a purchase point while the mirror decals are great for added impact and brand awareness,” he says.

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