New parents can often feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information and advice available which invariably comes from multiple sources which isn’t always welcome. As a result new parents, as a demographic, can be challenging to engage with which is why it’s important to do so in an environment that they’re comfortable in and where they’ll be more receptive to marketing communication.

Primedia Unlimited’s washroom and indoor advertising subsidiary TLC offers advertisers and marketers an indoor environment that is conducive to one on one targeted and private messaging. Brands Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s are the latest to make use of TLC‘s advertising platforms, this time in the washrooms of Netcare Maternity wards for a period of two months.

“Elizabeth Anne’s & Purity have opted to fully wrap washroom doors in the male and female bathrooms to communicate key brand awareness in an environment that couldn’t be more relevant,” says Greg Bruwer Joint Managing Director for TLC. “The campaign, entitled ‘Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s smells like a baby should’ resonates with new parents with no other competitive brand messaging in the same environment.

We’re looking forward to great post campaign results.”

The messaging is targeted at new parents in the LSM 7-10 bracket aged 18-45 and is supplemented with standard A4 washroom frames.

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