Benefit | Wow Your Brows

Wow your brows” is TLCs latest campaign from Benefit Cosmetics, as Edgars fitting rooms could captivate its audience, with this candy-like campaign. It was all about introducing 4 new brow styling- Bold and Angular, Feathered, Natural, and Straight.

The consumers could relate to the artwork as it was fun, and relevant. It made it easy for consumers to try the products, as Select Edgars had Brow Bars. So if you wanted to try out Bold & Angular brow style, they would start with a wax to define your arches, then add their bestselling brow products.

“Every gal needs a great pair of arches...they’re the fastest way to a magical transformation. Natural or polished, there’s no one brow that fits all! So put your best brows forward”.

Advertiser: Benefits Cosmetics
Placement: Edgars Premium
Medium: Mirror Decals
Gender: Female

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