About Us

TLC Unlimited has swiftly become the leader in providing innovative advertising solutions in lifestyle environments, including: bars, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, gyms, campuses, airports and medical centres.

At TLC, our focus has always been to attain the spot as one of the most progressive media suppliers in the out-of-home advertising space, taking our services into realms presently occupied by major players in 'mainstream media', which we have successfully achieved over the years.

The single most impressive element of our business is the consistent introduction of new innovations in the space, particularly over the past few years. While the standard placement of A4 Frames provides high impact, there are numerous elements now available to make brands dominate the space. Talking Frames were introduced into the Cinema and Nightlife space in 2006, where a motion sensor detects movement and starts talking to the consumer. Mirror Decals and Super-size Decals followed shortly after where clever tactical ideas can be brought to life at the washbasins. Mirror Media rolled out into exclusive nightlife venues offering a sexier solution to perfume, fashion and cell phone brands for example. The backlit, 6-panelled mirrors rotate at 5-second intervals while people are still able to see into mirror. Next to arrive were Tester Frames - the likes of hand soaps, deodorants and coupons encourage consumers to sample the product. High impact Door and Cubicle Wraps were introduced in 2009, allowing brands to completely dominate the space.

We encourage our clients to put us to the test in terms of bringing ideas to life.

Since we operate in the Planet Fitness space, great ideas have been pulled off in the gym environment, including branding of treadmills, V-balls, water coolers and so on. Other environments in which we operate include LSM A and B Malls, both NuMetro and Ster Kinekor Cinemas, all ACSA Airports, Campuses, Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife venues – including top night spots in Soweto, Netcare Hospitals, Baby Change Rooms and Sports Clubs.

TLC is the only media platform that can truly target specific genders meaning creative can be adapted to speak to either males or females. On receipt of the brief target markets, media messages & flighting times are assessed in order to determine the environment(s) as targeted as possible to avoid wastage. Washroom Advertising accurately targets consumers through lifestyle activities. Most consumers enjoy this communication as it occurs at a time when they are attentive, but during what would otherwise be unproductive time.